They grow up too fast

mother and babyI met up with my son recently and I was  taken back that he has grown so much since I last saw him which was not that long. He’s much taller than me already. And, as we talked about things, I learned, among other things, though about this one he was shy about it, he has a thing for this certain girl at school.  She’s the wallpaper on his phone screen.  I concede that place, seeing my son’s face light up, but I though, oh god, was it only yesterday when he fit in my arms and I was always worrying over his every movement, cry, temperature, and whatever else first time mothers worry about?  I recall what my sister-in-law told me then, to enjoy them while they’re young.  Indeed, as I am now finding out.  But thanks to persons who’ve helped me raised them, they’re growing up, much to my surprise, to be sweet and smart individuals (compared to me when I was their age, that is).


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