Wisdom from the ages

lao tzu quote nature

Today, while stuck in traffic (yes there is now such a thing in this City!), my attention is diverted toward the trees standing sparsely apart now on both sides of the road. How many years have they been there? Twenty? Fifty? A hundred? What changes to the landscape have they witnessed?

I realized thinking through the question that regardless of what they’ve seen, they’re basically there for their tasks – foliage, protection, etc. – and that they’ve been at these at a relatively constant pace ever since there was Earth.

Impatient blares from a couple of vehicles ahead of us broke through the .waiting and my thoughts. Everybody’s in a hurry to get to where they needed to go. I imagined people inside their vehicles ranting and tsk tsk-ing over what felt like an eternity of waiting for vehicles on the other side to pass through not to mention cursing the government for it’s timing in implementing road projects.

Meanwhile, the sun was at the same exact position it has always occupied at that hour every day. The trees went about their tasks at the same pace they’ve always run on. They’ve kept Earth and the human community alive at this constant rate despite significant changes throughout the centuries. How is that possible? We on the other hand said the faster we go the quicker we’d achieve our goals but are we?


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