Summer is here.  Folks from the lowlands are trekking up to cool down in the City’s cool weather.  Folks from the City are making their way down to the beaches to take a break from the year-long wintry weather.

shark via TimeMagazineAt the beach though I avoid the water – what’s the point of going to the beach then right? – because of an irrational fear of creatures living in the sea and ocean. Chances that a person encountering jaws and getting bitten is one in a million.  But what if that one in a million is me?  So I’m not taking any chances.  That’s how insanely ahead my imagination is in this case.  Nonetheless, I’m able to manage it, careful that I don’t transmit the fear to others which was how I acquired it by the way.  So I let the kids swim.  On the shore I’m their very watchful and alert lifeguard.


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