An Easter story

I was a third year college student when the name and face of Monica Lewinsky, big eyed and beret wearing, was posted on media. Who is she? was the public’s question. What stood out in the news was that she was this supposedly upstart intern who performed an oral on the President of the US of A. That was what Monica Lewinsky came to be known, at least among locals. Now, she’s reappeared once more but this time redeemed. Time had been on her side.

For me, I now see that power was greatly skewed against her then. A 22-year old versus the machine that is the White House? I now believe that what’s tragic about the story is that of Cupid having shot a bad arrow on both Lewinsky and Clinton and what the machine did to defend the Office. It’s a doomed story.

In this video, decades after, Lewinsky’s TED talk shows the experience had instead transformed her. She had been deeply wounded but is now whose story has the power to touch and heal others with similar experience. Hers mirrors the redemptive message of the Easter story.


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