Going nowhere leads to inner growth

Today, on TED, I liked Pico Iyer’s talk The Art of Stillness. I’ve read a couple of his books on travel, Video Night in Kathmandu and Global Soul, and admire him for his insights and writing style.

Stillness I suppose is acquired as one reaches a certain age or as I’ve found out a phase in life. Young people for instance are in general not known to want to stay put.  It would’ve killed me if I kept still and in one place when I was younger.

Older people on the other hand naturally gravitate toward solitude and stillness.  Moi at present for example.  I believe I’ve entered, in the psychological sense, a sort of holding area where, with life experiences having finally overtaken me, the order of the day is an urgent search for answers to what to do, where to go, how to proceed into the next, if not, final stages of my life.

But while being still and going nowhere is crucial for inner growth, it’s also scary because the state invites critical and difficult questions of life and living hence a fertile ground for significant decision making which has the potential to take one outside of one’s comfort zone. And as we know, status quos and comfort zones are the best places to be at all times.


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