In pain, beauty

If not for the persons I live with, and I mean mother and when I’m with my aunts, or sometimes close friends, who insist that I make myself presentable, I’d not bother with my appearance at all. It’s not for lack of vanity but it’s more out of sheer laziness. Take for example curling the eyelashes, which I know I need to do as my eyes have somewhat a droopy look. Once, I thought of having my lashes permanently curled to save me the daily regimen but after watching what a beautician was doing to that part of a young lady, I didn’t think about the treatment again.

And then, the eyebrows. I’ve a full set of them and so the need to have a regular trimming, or plucking, or threading. The first time I tried threading I was five or six months pregnant. I went because it’s said hair takes longer to grow back afterward and I thought it’d save me the weekly plucking which I wanted to avoid as I was already highly sensitive to pain. I asked the lady if it was painful and she told me, a bit. I thought, ok I could put up with ‘a bit’. But my gawd it was terrible. Whoever invented the use of thread to trim eyebrows was a masochist! I wanted to scream. But because I am who I am, I stayed put in my seat. The only indication I was in pain were the tears streaming down the sides of my eyes which the lady was oblivious to. I swore off threading after that.

The only area of the face that women are generally spared from treating is the mustache area. Otherwise, imagine if! There’s still the other parts to do.


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