In the new year, I like to go over my horoscope, see if there’s anything interesting “planned” for me. I do that weekly as well, but randomly, whenever I remember to.  It’s not that I have faith in crystal ball predictions but there’s the occasional high I get when readings get close to the truth. But mostly it’s for laughs.

Like the one for today.  One source says ‘someone new comes into your life and a real connection is forged’. Thing is, at work I do meet a lot of new faces and real connections are made but not in the way the reading suggests. But wait– was it my reading of the reading which injected the suggestive meaning into it? That’s what makes me laugh actually. My own interpretation of another’s interpretation of what supposedly is my present and future.

Beyond the readings, there are the various symbols and meanings given to zodiac signs which supposedly further self knowledge. Like the one below in which the signs are associated with the smell that best describes them.

Vanilla and Scorpio looks like a hot combination. But, wet rocks to Aquarius? What do wet rocks even smell of?


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