The Desert of Life

Weary and devoid of hope, with miles and miles yet to go, the desert of life stretches endlessly ahead of me; beckoning, coercing me to venture further in the dunes of anguish, coercing me to drape myself in the dust of discontent, impelling me to burn in the heat of deception, But now I am deplete of strength, I long for the cool breeze of indulgence, the star lit sky of compassion, the strong camel of companionship; And I plead with the desert to release me from these choking fetters to lead me to the oasis of joy and love; The desert mournfully replies, “Beyond the dunes and the dust lay the mirages of kudos and sensuality, The oasis you have left far behind in the recesses of your childhood, O wretched traveler! Muster your strength, The odyssey has just begun.”

– Ativa Sumar


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