Morning ritual

Upon waking, I’m not one to jump right out of the sheets.  I linger. I’ve wondered if the behavior is pre-programmed into my DNA, or acquired from somewhere or someone?  I’m wondering still.  I only know that I like to feel in the moment after I’ve awaken, to wonder at the fact that I’ve not stopped breathing in my sleep because apnea happens, to daydream a bit because this is the only time in any given day (apart from when I’m alone on long travels) that I daydream (this is actually beneficial because it’s oil to the wheels of creativity that’s otherwise at rest still), to be warmed by the first rays of sun (in the study of nature’s energy fields as a source of healing, it’s said this hour is when the healing energy of the sun is at it’s greatest although to be honest I don’t think about this when I bask), and to be by myself a little longer because the moment I get up it’s others already.  My own brand of selfishness, I guess. ——————————–

cover photo:  kinfolk


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