Beyond eating

The clutter of dishes after meal times may look like as if a hurricane just went through it but to me it’s a…beautiful kind of mess, because it tells of the beauty inherent in relationship building and physical movement.

On the latter, it would be an accomplishment to map the dynamic between diners from the start until the end of the meal.  My premise is that for any given set of diners, factors such as the existing relational level(s) as well as circumstances involved while taking the meal will in synergy produce a unique depiction of the diners’ interactions.

I’m imagining the map to look like the intricate steps of a complex dance, a coming and going until both finally reach that level of connection at which point conversing over food becomes an activity that partakers of the meal look forward to replicate again and again. Isn’t that after all the aim of meal times beyond their purpose of satisfying hunger and fulfilling gastronomic desires?


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