On Total Acceptance

John Legend’s All Of Me makes me want to cry because what it confesses – total acceptance of another – is in reality impossible.  We might have had the capacity when we were very young before experience robbed us of innocence.

Acceptance of who we are by others especially our significant others is a basic human need, reiterated by Maslow.  In the Catholic Church, the teaching is that God is the only one who could completely and fully satisfy that need because He has accepted us even before we are, knows the number of hairs on our heads, loved us even before we knew how and despite our limitations and weaknesses, whose footprints are those on the sand, is with us at the beginning and at the end of our lives.  But experiencing this teaching at the personal level is easier said than done because as material beings, we need to see, feel, hear, and touch in order to know and so believe.

Somebody said one can only lead a horse to water.  It got me thinking what if that horse is a very sick horse?  Then that horse need to be carried to water,  But, who does that, carry a seriously heavy very sick horse to water?  Total acceptance, even while we yearn and actively seek it, is at the same time a heavy burden to carry, I realized.

Who accepts another totally?  Are we even capable of that?  Or, in unexpected moments when it’s given, are we able to receive it with total trust and faith?

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