…and scenting

In a previous article, I mentioned about women and leg shaving a ritual that appears to be sustained by the female’s preconceived idea of the male’s expectation that certain surfaces of the female body should be without hair in contrast to the I-don’t-care-if-you-have-hair attitude among men who are in relationships with other men.

In this post, we’ll do smell.  Does smell matter in a relationship?  The actress Jacqueline Bisset has just the response to that:

I could never sleep with someone who didn’t smell right. For me, smell is intoxicating. It’s an animal thing and very, very dangerous.
What’s the ideal odour? I can’t possibly sum it up. Not like perfume, but clean, for sure – I’m not into smelly armpits.
She smiles and sips her peach juice.
When she shares such theories with male friends, she says, they tend to tell her smell doesn’t share the same potency for them.
What? You’re nuts! I find that really hard to believe.
Jacqueline, you’re wrong – men don’t care about that.
Her eyes pop in shock at the memory.

Jacqueline Bisset:  Older women continue to want sex but men don’t want to sleep with them’, The Guardian

Apparently, it does.

I remember having a conversation about smell with a former colleague who was based at our regional office in Bangkok.  When she wasn’t at the office designing and testing IT programs for the organization, she was out visiting program offices in the region training local staff and providing support.  She was sometimes at our international headquarters as well.  Such travels afforded her frequent interaction with people of diverse race and cultures.

During a snack break, she and I initially talked about what people at the office usually talk about when they’re away from their desks — the day’s scoop.  Perhaps we soon realized such was irrelevant to us because then we segued to what men and women smell to each other.

She was quite knowledgeable about the matter and I remember her saying that according to foreigners particularly Westerners Filipinos give off a distinct smell…like, a fish’.  I laughed.  Seriously? I asked her. She said that yes it is. Then two colleagues who were sharing the table with us and have apparently heard our talk pounced in. They had some things to say on the matter of smell too.

What did Ms. Jacqueline Bisset say?  Smell is an “animal thing” and “very, very dangerous” as I found out especially when dissected on the dining table.


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