Take This Waltz


The movie opens with a young looking Michelle Williams, face ruddy and sweaty from cooking.  When the camera panned to her candy red-and-white tee and the acqua lacquer on her toes, I understood then that the movie was about color.  And, because Michelle Williams is in it, I know I will love it.  In fact, after watching the movie, I did love everything about it:

1.  Landscapes of the Nova Scotia countryside.
2.  Williams’ fresh faced look.
3.  Her hairstyle.
4.  Her wardrobe.
5.  House where Margot and Lou lived.  A riot of well coordinated color in there as well.
6.  Seth Rogen’s Lou’s mouth-watering chicken recipe experiments.
7.  Luke Kirby’s Daniel’s rickshaw driving (he has officially elevated the job!).
8.  Kirby’s beautiful dark eyes.
9. Theme song by the same title, sung by the indefatigable Leonard Cohen.

To sum up, Take This Waltz is about waking up one day to the realization that one’s comfort zone no longer has the power to protect you from whatever it was you were hiding from or ignoring. The story makes you think about, as Rotten Tomatoes put it, the “uncharted question of what long-term relationships do to love, sex, and our images of ourselves”. To walk that path, one needs to possess a certain bravado or lacking this, a crisis which in the movie is facilitated by a chance meeting. Margot’s and Daniel’s meeting steered them toward a discovery of their truths at that phase in their lives. However, after each made that leap of faith into the new place, they also discovered an old truth– that new things could easily grow old. All in all, the movie makes the point that relationships can’t be neatly slotted as either good or bad.


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