Signature scents from home

One reason why I’m at heart a country gal, or rather a mountain gal as my kin from the lowlands say is the more accurate term is that the countryside – this mountain city – still has green places and and wild flowers.  These days because of the increasing number of people awakening to alternative lifestyles we’re urged to pause from our busyness and just go smell the flowers, but what if we do are there flowers still to smell?


There’s still the Bottlebrush tree at my parents’ place– how old is it now?  The tree or should I say it’s flowers emit a subtle woody fragrance that the wind carries into the house. I can easily identify the fragrance from among the competing smells inside.

There’s also the huge and equally old Eucalyptus tree in the backyard.  We pick it’s leaves to mint up our bathwater on very cold days and for a period after giving birth as well.  Old folks believe that such natural treatments help restore strength to the body after what it’s gone through– nine months of pregnancy and the shock of child birth.  I didn’t mind about the belief because all I cared about was the hot minted baths were really good.

The Dama de Noche at the side of the house (also on the street at my own place) imprint the night air with their heady sweet perfume.  If not for fear of being bitten by deadly mosquitoes, I would stand outside for hours inhaling the fragrance.  I’ve always wondered at how such tiny flowers could own the night space.  Just imagine if neighborhoods across the country cultivate this native plant. Tourists would leave the country with their heads fogged up in it’s sweetness, a natural high they look forward to return to again and again!

And then the wild flowers.  There’s plenty of these depending on the season.  I went out and snipped these from near my place just this week.

Just one thing about having foliage around the house is that the scents attract black ants although for my own peace of mind I’ve already accepted the presence of these creatures (well, as long as they don’t come in battalions because then it’d be w-a-r). Ants have their own distinct smell too I noticed. It helps that I’m now more aware of the concepts in Biology pertaining to ecosystem balance. Take cockroaches and spiders as another example. One explanation as to the increase in cockroaches is there’s a decrease in the population of spiders which are natural predators of cockroaches. Anyway. But what I can’t tolerate near me though are red ants although I have observed that they proliferate only in certain environments. Flowers and such are not among these thank goodness.


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