Club music

I like club music, especially when one ups the bass. I like it because there’s no vocals most of the time, just the long funky electric beat. It’s what I play on the background when I’m working on those long-ish reports. Development issues can get to you sometimes and club music helps me with writing about them, which can take up to a week, and finish in a relatively good mood.

One of my favorite is Armin Van Buuren.

Ages ago, I was playing trance music in the office, Enigma’s first album, when my boss, a priest, walked in. He was taken back with the sound. Well, I was surprised that he was. He sat on the chair in front of my table and said, you’re listening to that song. Principles of Lust has just faded and next was Sadeness. I said, yes, I am, why? He said, did you know that these songs are somewhat controversial? I said, no, but in what way? He said, well, it has overtones. I wanted to ask how he knew that it has so-called overtones, has he listened to the album already? Instead, I said, maybe, but it didn’t come off like that to me. I just liked the tone, the groove, and having listened to it more than a couple of times, I wasn’t aware of any overtones. For all I know, ‘Principles of Lust’ could be the title of a journal article by a student of the Freudian school.

The visit ended with him saying he’d like to know more about trance music as long as I would also listen to what was on his playlist at the time — the Jesuits’ Bukas Palad music ministry productions. I thought it was a good enough deal, so fine. I didn’t ask him afterward what he thought of trance and he didn’t offer, but I saw him listening to it during his breaks. For my part, I did listen to the Bukas Palad series and became a fan.

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