Capita Puyol

For me this is the end of an era. A new one begins and I wish I will enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed this one. I can’t believe the career I’ve had. I’ve lived the dream of millions of children.

images via  FCBarcelona
photo credits: FCBarcelona

Capita Puyol has announced his impending departure last year so it’s not as if his leaving is sudden news, but as all goodbyes with persons you’ve grown to have some attachment for, his actual walking out of the camera’s reach, out of the field, probably forever, is painful.  If Xavi found it rather difficult to “man up” during the televised event, what’s keeping fans from crying buckets in the privacy of their rooms?  As I did.  I lived my love for soccer through him (as all the brilliant others) so it’s like another light going out of the field (hopefully temporarily) and because Carles Puyol is Carles Puyol, in that sense there’s no one who can replace him. Fifteen years of head-butting the ball across the field and at the end of that, it’s down to knee injury – a cruel joke, is it not?  But if Capita is ultimately happy with his decision then of course we’re happy with him.

It’s just that the World Cup 2014 is just around the corner, and, oh my god, I can’t wait — can’t wait for Barca to get it’s hands on the Cup, again.  During the farewell tribute to him, Puyol said the players can be motivated by many things.  If Xavi would be motivated even more by him newly-missing his former captain on the field (also with Tito’s recent demise), and the others with him on this, I guess, with luck further boosting their brilliance and Puyol somewhere rooting for the team,  the Cup could just be waiting for Barca.  As I said I can’t wait for Brazil to happen!


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