The locks at Pont des Arts bridge in Paris make the coolest accessory.  For the City, that is. Well, perhaps not from the viewpoint of the City’s authorities, but put in the history of these hundreds (or, thousands) of locks – who put them there, where these people came from, how they got to the City, and why exactly they put the thing in there – their presence on that bridge justifies the City’s global image.  Imagine the hundreds of personal histories in there.  It makes this bridge a sort of holy place.

So when locks start showing up in shoes, what do we make of feet?  Chaste, at least that’s the pitch put forward, and being that, these precious appendages must be protected.  The potent magic in the locks, like those on Pont des Arts, can only be released by the correct combination, the first one being TL for true love.  Lovely connection this, although I can’t help trace in my mind the direction this has taken, because, apparently, as what this imagery is saying, fetishism over chastity is now shifting way down, to the feet.  It’s also saying I’d have to carry a hammer or something in my bag, well, in case I misplace the key. 


The sparkling teeny locks down there are quite to-die for.

via kyleeditor

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