Garters and such in daylight

stockingI saw a woman on the street in these stockings.  In front of me.  I had to blink, just to be sure my eyes got the sight correctly.  It was mid-afternoon and the lady was with her child, apparently on their way home after having fetched him from school.  I thought she was one-of-a-kind to be wearing these — or, maybe, she has had a bad morning and was making up for it in the afternoon — because I wouldn’t be caught in broad daylight, doing errands, in these stockings.

Also, I realized because the lady was doing daytime errands in it rather than the usual things one does in these garters (like, parties), the seductive nature of these stockings were somewhat lost to most people on the street that day.  So, I thought, it’s not really the stockings per se, is it?


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