Out for a break

I headed out to Baguio City Market – nicer and cleaner today – to buy two of my needs.  Flowers.  Coffee.  When I’m up to my neck meeting clients’ deadlines and issues like poverty wearies the brain, I need diversion.  Looking at something pretty and alive relaxes.  I picked up these lovely fresh asters from my usual hunting ground in a hidden corner of the market at PHP25 per bundle.  The sellers tells me the whites cost more but I don’t want whites at the moment.  I need vibrant.


Next stop – freshly ground beans at Garcia’s Coffee.  It’s the go-to of locals, for beans.  I bought a quarter of a kilo of Benguet Coffee at PHP50.  I thank the lady – she’s been there as long as I can remember and she hasn’t grown a wrinkle!  I shake my head but not because she hasn’t aged but because of the contradiction – I can’t buy a premium cup of coffee brewed at top brands at PHP50 yet I have a bag of premium local bean that should last me a month or so!

I hope and selfishly at that for this City not to ever change this side of itself.


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