“Here’s to you”

Apart from the fact that this frame shot of The Great Gatsby has in it Jack of the Titanic fame – do I hear knickers or perhaps boxers dropping? – the first thought off my mind was, god, how long did it take for the actor to perfect this particular angle and expression?  Months?

He must have had a wall to wall mirror installed in a great room to practice for the right stand, right tilt of head, forehead raise, smirk, eye lift, angle of raised arm, hand splay, handling of the wine glass.

Or perhaps, which is the length of time I’m tending toward, just a couple of days?  Because this shot’s exactly right, it’s why.

He played imperfect Jack perfectly.  Now it’s playing the lost-to-reality Jay realistically.  OK.  There.  A couple of days, give or take.

Now, let’s have a sip of that proffered liquid, shall we, lest we’ll be told that it’s actually an in the moment acting.  To which not only would we find our knickers or boxers on the floor but our jaws as well.


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