Ridiculous thoughts down certain hardware store aisles

Source: fiftyshades.com

These days that I’ve a short break from work, I’m into full decorating mode picking up from where I left off last.  This necessitated visits to ACE, the biggest hardware store in town.  There are several others downtown but this store is the only place where DIY-ers can go around.

In my visits to the store, down certain aisles, it’s ridiculous, in an amusing way, to now associate products in these areas to a certain book and character.  I can’t help eye the other shoppers in these areas – why are they buying cable ties?  Then I realized they may have asked the same of me too.  Ha ha ha.  But of course the probability of one shopper in there buying things for a certain playroom is one in a million, right?

Oh, E L James, what have you done to our concept of hardware?


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