Pretty and then more

Models, like many women, are looked over and known first for their beauty.  Their brains come much later, if these ever get discovered at all.  I guess it’s because when we see beauty it fills and takes up all the space in our mind and none is left for critical reflection, that is, to see beyond the beauty.   Taking this further into the realm of spirituality, it’s said that meeting beauty is meeting God who is Beauty, which explains why we mortals cannot not “stop” at the sight.  The experience is like being immersed in and staring into a very bright light focused on you – you don’t see anything else but the light.  Take the runway for example – the art and beauty in the design and model is what I see and nothing of the deeper side.


But when the light is switched off – that’s when the woman of physical beauty reveals her mind – the magic of the meeting disappears and you see the rest of what’s in front you.  But you don’t absorb this fact immediately because you’re still acclimatizing to the “absence” of the light.  And because you’ve experienced the light, you miss it so you’d rather that the brains switch off back to beauty.  Taking the same example of fashion shows, but this time the backstage where models are in their lounge wear, their bare faces being made up, and media people getting them to talk about themselves.  Here, we discover that Nadja Bender for instance took up a year of nanotechnology and wants to read the minds of people so “you’d know what they’re thinking about you”.

I’m not sure at what exact point this natural “need” to be bathed in the experience of beauty works against women as a group.  But this TED Talk by Cameron Russell, a Victorian Secret model, sheds light.


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