In the Land of Blood and Honey

For a limited period at least illness forces one to take things a bit slow like stay put on the sofa and flick on a movie.   I’ve been curious for the longest time of Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut so her movie In The Land of Blood and Honey went into the player.

And I’m struck.  I believe she should be in there among the celebrated directors.  It’s unfortunate that Hollywood did not give her the recognition she deserved.  Is it because she’s a woman, beautiful, better known as an actor, has Brad Pitt, is a UN ambassador, has kids from various countries, and good stuff going in her life that to be recognized as a director on top of what she already has is much too much?

The movie is not your typical Hollywood drama/action film although it’s a bit Woody Allen-ish with it’s absence of overly loud background music and the focus on conversation.  The viewer is not so much moved as by the verbal exchanges between the characters.  And speaking of characters, it is apparent on the screen that the actors, Bosnian, knew their craft but like their director were not given the international recognition they deserved.  In as far as the movie’s intention of informing audiences of the gross violations done against women during the war, the telling of it is impeccably done without the characters making too much drama.   The ending is a total surprise, a good enough reason to watch it if you haven’t, and will stay with you for some time.


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