Soccer talk again

Except for the postcard (which has a soccer ball as the nose of a Lufthansa jet) autographed by an artist acquaintance on business travel to Barcelona, I lost all my soccer souvenirs in a fire early this year.  I value my life a lot more than these of course but when you understand how fans can go berserk over their team losing out in a major game well you know how it is when I say I’ve an attachment to these souvenirs.  Plus it’s the effort they represent.  Those were given by friends and acquaintances in their travel abroad and each has a story of how it travelled all the way to me.  So you can say it was a complicated attachment.


I’ve a new set of FCB goodies, such as this Barca ball!  They’re sent in from a friend who’s on temporary assignment near – guess where – the Congo.  I guess soccer fans are that connected, whether in the Congo or the South Pole.


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