Pranic healing

There’s a sign on a gate near the Convent of the Pink Sisters in Baguio City that read so-and-so is a practitioner in pranic healing and whoever is interested may call so-and-so numbers.  I believe in pranic healing because it was done on me (I reserve this belief on this particular healer).

It was my first few days in the convent and I was coughing like hell.  I was more embarrassed by my coughing disturbing the others, especially in the dead of siesta and in the night, instead of alarmed that I may have actually contracted pneumonia.  Sister Superior suggested I should go have a check up but I said it was nothing, blaming the change of temperature from cold at home to grossly hot there and that I was sure it would disappear once I acclimatized.  But I guess my coughing did disturb their sleep, more than the tooting and chugging of the train to Bicol (or was it to Manila) that doesn’t fail to pierce the night air.  On the nth night of such coughing, the Sister Superior came to me in our dormitory room and said she’ll try to do something about my cough.  I learned then that she practices pranic healing.  She had to did it a few more times though before the cough totally left me because she said she also had to contend with the doubting energy she felt coming from me.  Oh god.  But she said she understood.

Some months after that we had pranic healing class.  We were taught to do it.  I seemed unable to acquire the skill, because something in me resisted.  I didn’t want to be a healer.  I think healing carries a unique set of responsibilities that I felt I wasn’t capable of handling.  I was satisfied with learning the theory behind it.  And besides I had enough headaches practising the basics of “seeing” the energy shields emanating from the others.  I couldn’t see a thing.  (I understand how Edward must’ve felt not perceiving the thoughts of Bella.)  While some in the group said that they can actually see the colors of another’s energy shields as these go through changes in the day, I cannot report a thing.  Which was fine with me and I didn’t push it.  But having learned of this capacity of pranic healers, I started and purposefully avoided Sister Superior especially when I knew my energy was bad such as when I was feeling lazy for prayer or work.  In time though I learned to be more comfortable around her.  I mean, I wasn’t perfect.

Sister Superior said beginning pranic healers should avoid trying it on the head and heart areas since these are sensitive energy spots.  Pranic healing, introduced by a Filipino Chinese, essentially introduces healthy energy into ailing energy points or chakras.  The source of the healthy energy – prana – may come from nature – the healer connecting with it – and the healer’s own reservoir of good energy.  It has its limitations such as it may not anymore heal advanced stages of diseases.  And of course a medical check of one’s ailment is always the first thing.


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