Wonder fruits I swear by

1.  Bananas.  I don’t drink milk (many years now because of lactose intolerance and since having discovered that my allergies especially hives from sudden change in temperature disappeared after I stopped drinking milk) and I don’t take calcium supplement as I prefer the natural source – bananas.  The fruit has high calcium content and potassium as well.  Potassium helps in the relief of muscular spasms and anxiety.  And the effect at least on me is immediate.  I’ve hyperthyroidism (acquired some years ago from trying to prove myself and befriend the villagers I was organizing – I overexerted myself physically.  But I took it as just one among the hazards of the work.  I mean, if I’d just stayed at home and tripped in the bathroom and died, I would’ve chosen overexertion anytime.  At least, its “reward” is because of working for a cause.) and though my case is mild there’s a lot of its symptoms I feel particularly when I’m stressed.  One thing about hyperthyroidism is that when I’m stressed, it rapidly depletes my store of calcium and potassium.

2.  Lemons.  Lately from late nights reading up and along with it too much coffee again, I’m feeling the bad side of acid in my system (the indication is when red or pink lip color turns a shade different on my lips). Lemon water (first thing in the morning on an empty stomach) helps restore the acid-alkaline balance in the body.

3.  Cucumber.  I’m not really an eater and it’s chilies which help me eat the day’s meals.  Cucumber helps give me the appetite too, as it’s a good source of zinc a natural appetite booster.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop has this delicious Cucumber Tequila Cocktail recipe:  muddled cucumbers, 100% agave tequila, triple sec and a splash of soda. Dust the rim with salt, pepper and ancho (red poblano) chili powder.

4.  Mangoes.  I like the green raw and the ripe ones juiced.  Good source of good sugar and Vitamin C.


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