Many Religions, One God

I believe in one God… how many times have Catholics proclaim this in their lives and what does it ask from the believer?

There are as many Gods as there are religions, that is how it’s come to be, which leaves us with how many Gods? Hence the tension between and among religions and sects, the argument of each being, my God is the one and true God.

But can there be as many heavens and hells or however these places are called?  Can there be say 100 Gods who have made us and will meet us at the end of life?  Can it also be argued that somewhere up there these 100 Gods are also waging war against each other– hey you that human is my believer so you better not covet!  Like humans then?  Or, is it just us humans cutting up God into a hundred images and slotting replications of Him into different holes all the while believing this is all sane and possible?  I mean, poor God to be made like putty in human hands.

I believe that there is truly just one God regardless of religion.  I think that religion and the debate over how many true Gods there are are separate entities.  One remains constant (God) and the other (religion) proliferate according to people’s propensities.  I believe that religion, like art, is just a medium of expression of a community of believers’ beliefs and practices pertaining to who God is to them.  That’s just fine.

So what would bind these different religions together?  I believe it’s love.  There’s the teaching that in the end it’s not about, hey you human xx of religion xx did you believe in the God of the true religion xx?  If so, come on right in! No. I believe that it is more about God looking at results and outcomes which would be acts borne out of love instead of form or structure which is religion.

So what are we of different religions fighting about then?


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