Winter wear

It’s non-stop rain (and gloom) since the last week of May but if there’s one thing I love this mountain City for, it’s leather jackets, boots, and stuff.  I mean, where else in the country can you wear these without looking ridiculous not to mention running the risk of a (self-induced) heat stroke?  Leather jackets eliminate the need to put on layers of clothing which in turn means less clothes to be washed, less soap, less water, less time spent on doing laundry (and happier for it).

I own a pair of ankle-level boots but it’s for roughing around on field work not really serious fashionable walking or riding boots.  I should have one.  I think I had it on my list last year and I really did took time off to get one, only that I didn’t find one my size.  And since I didn’t actually relish that experience – shopping tires me nowadays (there must be something really wrong with me!) – I haven’t again after that scheduled time to look for good soft boots.

Shorts.  The only time I wore one outdoors was in a metro in the South.  I think the temperature then was 40 Celsius, or that was what it felt.  My jeans felt heavy and clung irritatingly, my feet throbbed, a migraine was coming, it was just so miserably hot.  I thought of staying in my room 24/7 but the last time I did, the front desk rang me up just to check if I was still alive or didn’t just ran away from my bill.  Then it dawned on me, why was I in full clothing?  What had I been thinking?  I bought a pair and went around in it the rest of the day.  Bliss!  But I’m not sure if I could use it out here in the cold though I’ve seen young people here in them.  Perhaps if I can just have the warmth in the young’s blood back .


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