The mini-bus

If not the tricycle or the jeepney, it’s the mini bus.  As long as there is a market for this mode of public transport the mini bus isn’t disappearing from provincial roads anytime soon.  Besides accommodating more passengers than the van which has a rapidly growing franchise throughout the country, the mini bus is better at accepting a queer assortment of luggage including live ones like chickens.  In speed, my notion is that the mini bus rambles but this was disproved by my recent ride in one.  The driver drove like the devil racing back to hell carrying prime human catch on its back.  To the researcher, the mini-bus provides easy access to the “inside culture” of the local community.  Only three people reacted to the overspeeding and tried to get the driver’s and conductor’s attention to slow down.  The rest, and the inside was packed, didn’t give a damn whether or not they might end up in a ravine, dead or maimed.  If the mini bus was the country, you’d understand why only a few cared about the rate at which corruption is killing the people.  Mini buses are painted in gay colors but these have nothing to do with providing passengers with a safe and joyful ride.  The country has all kinds of fiestas but these have nothing to do with love of country.


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