To be light of being

A quiet afternoon at the office is broken by a young colleague gushing over what she referred to as her stupid reaction on meeting the office’ crush ng bayan for the first time.  Going down his floor to deliver papers to him, she came to the guy on the hallway.  Noticing her, he asked, “Ma’am what can I do for you?”  She got star struck seeing him up close.  “But he’s such a gentleman!” she sighed.  She could hardly give him a reply but still managed to “croak back” the initials of our Department and then the word ‘finance’ which on hindsight she said didn’t amount to anything much.  “Oh my God!” she cried. “I hate myself! This has never happened to me!”  Everybody within hearing distance laughed.

The next time she needed to make a similar delivery, she made a rehearsal of what she’d say.  She reapplied powder and asked a male colleague to escort her “in case I fainted”.  When she returned, she was flushed and was unstoppable as she recounted their second meeting.

I was amused by some of their observations of the man:  “He always smells nice.” They also speculated about him detecting their feelings toward him through through their “weird” behavior, and whether or not he’s in fact gay

The young men in our Department played along though they’d sometimes bluff the girls that their “so-called hunk of a guy” is actually gay and committed considering “you never know who’s what these days!”.

These communicative and open young people are who I’m with these days.  My initial reaction when they first asked me for boyfriend advice had been, oh god, I feel old.  But after a month, I realized their company is a good thing because they’re teaching me to be more light of being.


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