Sh*t signages say

Do the drivers really expect to be reported to LTFRB?  Do riders or the commuting public notice the sign at all?  Has anyone actually called to report bad driving as is the case with most jeepney drivers (e.g. taking in passengers in the middle of the road, speeding without care for passengers’ safety)?  And was there actually a response from the other end?






How many drug users, carriers, and pushers have actually stopped to read and reflect over these words?  Goes to show that in certain cases it’s not the thought that counts. Better that the money spent to put up the posts are used to purchase learning materials for drug abuse survivors in the rehab centers.






How many actually believed there’s no double meaning in these words?  When was the signage put up?  Because, how dare they say toll tax is a gift to government!






The signage below reads “material recovery facility…a down-to-earth technology…”  MRF is really composting and there is nothing humble about the technology.


Indeed!  But still respectful with the po.

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