A Simple Day

To wake up in the morning, knowing you’re still alive,
To know you have a choice each day, starting afresh,
To find joy in everyday, acknowledging simple pleasures,
To live in the present moment, engaging your awareness,
To count the blessings in life, believing abundance abounds,
To enjoy the work you do, following your passion,
To make a little difference, adding to the universe,
To be what you are, listening to your inner being,
To give away love, rejoicing in the chance to give,
To receive love with gratitude, feeling good about it,
To smile at strangers, seeing how infectious it can be,
To speak words of kindness, spreading a little warmth,
To understand with compassion, opening up your mind,
To play with children, nurturing your inner child,
To appreciate the nature, soaking up all the beauty,
To feel the warmth of the sun, glowing upon your skin,
To listen to the falling rain, pattering on the grounds
To taste the richness of food, sliding down your throat,
To smell the freshness of air, filling up your lungs,
To see the falling night, concluding a well-lived day,
That’s life, that’s living,
That’s the core of what really matters…

– Fiona Lim


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