Lack of evidence

The verdict on Casey Anthony’s trial – not guilty of murdering her daughter Caylee – has shocked and angered many Americans.  Evidence presented did not satisfy the jury hence it’s verdict of “not sure” which favored Casey.

I recall a similar turn of events for a naturalized Canadian Filipino who has recently filed for divorce from his wife in Canada.  Earlier, at a troubled period in their marriage the man hooked up with another woman.  This woman, in her fifties now, happens to be a former colleague, the friend of a friend.  When our common friend told me about it, I had difficulty reconciling the fact with the former colleague I knew.  When we were colleagues, she acted like the office’ spinster.

Understandably everybody who knew her including her very religious parents (also Canadians) were shocked at her choice. Realizing their daughter can’t be moved by their pleas, they compromised on the ground that the man first divorces his wife. He did, citing his ex-wife’s psychological incapacity.  The hearings dragged over several years.

Three weeks ago, they were in town for vacation.  While on vacation, they received the Canadian court’s decision:  dismissed for lack of evidence.  Psychiatric examination of the man’s wife showed she was psychologically well.  Indications include her having raised their five children on her own, alone, after their separation.

“Putang ina!” exclaimed a common friend on hearing this.  “Five kids!  Who raises five kids on her own?  Of course the woman’s capable!”  She then let out a string of curse words directed at our friend’s partner.  She also called the man’s lawyer “stupid”.

Another common friend said she’s so happy to learn of the dismissal.  She thought the stupidity of the lawyer and our friend’s partner’s misplaced machismo were the best to happen to our friend.  “Serves the man right for wrongfully accusing his ex!” she hissed.

Me, I don’t know, only that it’s a tough situation for everybody involved.

The court’s verdict implies that it’s actually our friend’s partner that’s psychologically incapacitated– for leaving all their five children with his ex-wife.  Yet our friend remains unfazed.  She said they’ll wait another three years and file again.  It would be the wife who will then file the divorce and cite a psychologically incapacitated husband as the primary reason.

This divorce case is similar with Casey’s in that there was lack of clear and compelling evidence.


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