Roses cheap and the smell of tragedy

Roses are again a bargain, at PHP30 a bundle.  This is one of the advantages living in Baguio.  Relatively cheap temperate flowers (although for some reason not every household in the City buys).

Mom & Pop in downtown Baguio is the store to go for flowers that are harvested from the well-known King Louis farm.  The store also maintains a mobile cart at SM Baguio.  The lady owner, mother’s friend, gifted me with an arrangement of exquisite white liliums and sprays of other whites for my wedding bouquet.  She told me to preserve that one for myself and gave me another bouquet to throw after the ceremony.

Otherwise, there’s the flower section in the market.  This place is not readily visible for first time visitors because it’s on a rather dark and narrow alley.  But it’s one of the places I frequent in the market (the other is the fruit section).

I wonder though why producers in the City and in nearby La Trinidad have not organized themselves, like, growing flowers to create a market for perfume oils on top of selling these raw in the lowlands.  A step up the value chain.

I was in college when mother joined the flower growers association based in the City.  It’s business objective was to fill the growing demand for cut flowers in the export market.  That was when the fields of wild roses in our garden had to go to make way for mother’s cut flowers.  Unfortunately, the cut flower industry wasn’t sustained.

Back to perfume and oils.  Think of the fields of lavender and such blooms in the south of France happening right in our backyard.


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