Tuesdays with T & B

T & B are the first letters of two women who I’m meeting on Tuesdays ala Tuesdays with Morrie.  B is T’s client and friend.  B who’s set to put up a technical-vocational school catering to the A & B income group contracted T to do the market study.  T my former boss and now friend can’t do the study by herself as she’s teaching full time so she subcontracted a part of it to me which was how these meetings started.

I knew B by name.  She co-owns with her husband one of the major colleges in the City.  I imagined her to be critical but she was far from it.  We took to each other at once, regarding me as a

The initial agreement was to meet Tuesdays mainly to do updates on the study.  We meet up at 8:30 AM in a hotel downtown (also owned by B) right after B & I have put our kids to school.  The meetings went on till 2 PM an hour before B & I were to fetch our kids from school and T’s class in one of the universities.

Talk of business done, the conversation takes on a free for all.  We were in that life phase where we’re more accepting of ourselves and therefore more open to share about our lives and open to feedback.  So we talk about our lives.  There’s a conversation that bore but you know there’s genuine connection when you feel warm and comfy as you’re relating to the other.

I’ve lost touch with my friends from the City.  Most of them have migrated abroad.  The handful who stayed I’ve no information where they are in the City.  So you understand how these Tuesday meetings are beneficial for me.


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