Philippine divorce bill, part 1: to love and be loved is at the core of a person’s being

Jose C. Sison, in his Philippine Star column, Marry Go Round, on June 13 argued against the Divorce Bill:

The proponents of the divorce bill erroneously believe that they are doing a great favor to the innocent spouse, particularly the battered wife, to get out of an unbearable marital relationship. They forget however that they are doing a greater favor to the guilty spouse particularly the philandering and violent husband because they are enabling him to remarry again and again by repeatedly committing acts constituting grounds for absolute divorce every time he gets bored or wants to get out of the marital relationships he entered into. Indeed it can also be the other way around where the wife is the guilty spouse who can also repeatedly remarry by committing similar acts making the marital relationships unbearable or incompatible.”

To rephrase Sison’s statement logically:

The Divorce Bill breaks up the married couple.

Pedro and Juana are a married couple.

Pedro and Juana will get divorced.


The Divorce Bill favors the bored, violent, and philandering husband.

Pedro is a violent and philandering husband.

Pedro will remarry.


The Divorce Bill absolves the guilty wife.

Juana is the guilty wife.

Juana will remarry.

As what happened with the Reproductive Health Bill, the Divorce Bill is misunderstood.  Where are the proponents of the Bill?


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