World class Pinoys

What does Monique Lhuillier, Lea Salonga, Charice Pempengco, Manny Pacquiao, and Efren Penaflorida have in common?  They’re world class Filipinos.

What makes them world class?

In the June 13 issue of Philippine Star, David Foster who was a guest at Vicki Belo’s opening of her clinic in California was asked what advice would he give to Filipino artists.  He replied, “they have to be original.  The Asian community in general has been good in copying the American sound.  They can’t do that anymore.  You know, when you listen to Lady Gaga or Rihanna,she’s an original.  When you listen to Eminem or Sting, he’s an original.  Asians have to find an original way to get their music across.  And eventually they should develop their own style.”

In other words, one has to have a unique offering to the world.  I’ve seen Monique Lhuillier’s dresses on Hollywood actresses and they’re elegant– Monique’s trademark.  Lea’s voice is pure and made for musicals.  Charice’s is powerful and for pop.  Who doesn’t know Pacquiao?  Efren brought to life his innovative idea.  They’re originals.

They also have mentors who opened doors of opportunities.  Monique has hers in her husband.  Lea in her mother and musical director Cameron.  Charice in Oprah.  Pacquiao in Roach.  Efren in Bon Manalaysay.

Thirdly, they honed and sharpened their talents.  They’re the enemies of mediocrity.

As an industry, Filipino artists and talents need to supported, to be marketed in the world stage, in the right way.


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