Crazier and crazier

25 years is a long time.  Marcos and his dictatorship years.  These don’t ring a bell to me.  I spent my childhood abroad and returned only after the first Edsa revolt so yes, the Marcos “atrocities” were not real to me.  Population statistics show children and youth (0-24) make up 96% of Filipinos, which means majority of Filipinos now don’t have cause to regard the former President with extreme emotions.  This may explain why people favored that Marcos be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

I believe the long dead former President doesn’t give a hoot where his body is buried.  A spirit, he is untouchable by the foibles, protocols, and laws of humans and earthly institutions.  Perhaps Marcos, Ninoy, and Cory may be having coffee together now somewhere!  They may have finally come to true reconciliation whereas for us here we continually amuse the gods with our propensity to vengeance and bloodbath.


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