Philippine RH Bill debate, part 6: now we’re talking

Senator Pia Cayetano has finally uttered the magic words:  Prolife measures would be discussed separately from the RH Bill (read here)Bless her!  It’s a relief and joy that somebody in the Senate has finally gotten it right.

Senator Sotto, on the other hand, throws cold water to this when he said it is likely the prolife measures bill would get the Senate’s vote over the RH Bill “because the RH Bill lacks funding”.  I’m not sure if the good Senator is being naive or caustic but his statement unwittingly revealed realities hounding the national process on policy approval.

Policies are approved not because they will benefit the people but because proposals were strategically placed on the right tables thanks to experienced lobbyists.  So why is  the RH Bill proposed if it doesn’t stand a chance of getting the attention of policy makers because of lack of funds?  Is Sotto, included in the debate merely to entertain? Is policy making a staged joke?


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