HE Brews Bookstore and Cafe

Potted plants at the trellised entrance greet the customer.  These may be why the cafe is named Graceful Flowers.  The cafe is on the rooftop of Porta Vaga Mall, on the east exit to the Baguio Cathedral.  It is partly owned by the Diocese of Baguio-Benguet.  Books are everywhere, for sale.  Religious and spiritual reading, of course.  Religious records, too.

Last I ate there, a young woman on the foyer was strumming her guitar, filling the place with gently lulling notes.  The menu offered breakfast fare, sandwiches, pasta, omelettes.  I’ve tried their Cheese and Mushroom Omelette and Mint Liqeur Coffee (the first time, I forgot to order the coffee at full strength).  The food cost me half of what most cafes in town charge.

books for sale at the ground floor

You may choose to dine by the cashier counter on the ground floor or at the second floor.  The second floor offers a sweeping view of the tops of buildings on Session Road including SM and a glimpse of Harrison Road and the Athletic Bowl.  When I was there, the rest of the customers were three young men discussing their film project.  This and more serious talk could be had here because of the view and quiet location.  While the books on the ground floor are for sale, those on the second floor are for reading and if you’ve the luxury of time you could spend one whole afternoon poring over the books.  Or, watching and capturing the moods  of the Baguio City sky.

lounge seats on second floor
view from the second floor
view from the second floor

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