Philippine RH Bill debate, part 5: don’t forget older people!

I met a former gigolo in a strategic planning session of an organization in which he is a manager.  When he said he was, I couldn’t speak because this former gigolo has won international awards for his innovative work with people with HIV/AIDS.  Turns out everybody who have met him turned mute as I did.  He recounted the time in the Senate when he went as a representative of a civil society organization.   Introducing himself in a plenary he confessed that he was a former sex worker.  He told me that you could hear a pin drop.  The Senators were floored.  I told him that their reaction may be because they panicked trying to recall if he was the gigolo they’ve hired for that night of thrills.

During lunch, sitting across the table from me, he told me that the older women (and men) were his more demanding clients.  I was both shocked and amused by the information.  I’ve heard this talk before among guy friends but here’s a former gigolo confirming it.  I stole a look at the two older women at his side, the organization’s BOD.  They appeared to be taking the information in stride (people working in HIV/AIDS projects are the most open-minded).

There.  RH is not just about contraceptives and abortion as the good Bishops have been saying.  As for instance, older women who hire gigolos (who have multiple partners) expose themselves to reproductive health risks.  Reproductive health is about keeping the reproductive system healthy even as you fulfill your sexual needs.  And this is regardless of age.


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