Philippine RH Bill debate, part 4: referendum is in order

A couple of legislators have proposed two Bills that they say are alternatives to the RH Bill.  Both Senators proposed the State to assume the decision-maker role in family planning.  In the RH Bill, the State’s role is information broker.

Bill provisions proposed by Lacson:

  1. RH commodities producers to enjoy personal and corporate income tax exemptions for 3 years;
  2. Families with 2 children to be given preference in scholarship grants at tertiary level;
  3. Access to low interest-bearing and concessionary capital loans from government banks;
  4. Reduced tariffs for RH commodities importers.

WTF?  This bill is grossly discriminatory and obviously patterned on China’s and India’s one child preferably boy policy which is vilified by the rest of the world.

Bill provision proposed by Santiago:

  1. Contraceptives as essential medicines.

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