The making of a boxing great

Here are five reasons why I believe Manny Pacquiao will make it big in the ring:

  1. Intelligence.  Following Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory, Manny exhibits bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.  Observing Manny in the ring, his moves show intuitive know-how of when and where and how to deliver his powerful punches.
  2. Focus.  Manny knew his talent, what he wanted it to do for him, thus worked toward that with singular purpose.  He did not permit financial constraints to limit him.
  3. Training and discipline.  He trains, trains, trains even when he knows he’s already good.
  4. Having a mentor.  Stories of individuals who made it big or were able to achieve their dreams show a common denominator in their lives:  a mentor.  Manny has indefatigable Roach.

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