North Star

In the lakorn Kleun Cheewit (Waves of Life), Jeerawat, a nang-ek (starlet), is played by internationally-known Thai actress Urassayas (Switch, Crown Princess). Jeerawat's public image is continually threatened by family secrets: a mother who had sold her body for a living until she married a wealthy man who became her stepfather who is himself enamored... Continue Reading →

Launching in July: 2018 State of the World Volunteerism Report

FINALLY, the much-awaited UN Volunteers flagship report 2018 State of the World Volunteerism Report (SWVR) with the theme Building Community Resilience in a Turbulent World which "sets out the value of volunteerism in relation to other types of resilience interventions" will be launched during the UN High Level Political Forum (HLPF) on the Sustainable Development Goals on 9 to... Continue Reading →

Reading is my religion too

I was in bed one Sunday morning when my aunt showed up on my  front door. She came to get me to attend church service at ten. She came fifteen to ten. "You still sleeping?," she said through the windows on the veranda. I winced wondering if my neighbors heard that. Folks in the province,... Continue Reading →

Dark side of TGIF

Friday and the weekend isn't all TGIF. What's not usually mentioned in the anticipation of fun on Friday is...more work but on the home front, and I mean the dreaded laundry. Where we are now, if there was a black out and I've nothing on me that can light the path, I could navigate my... Continue Reading →

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