COVID-19 Lockdown Journal

anxious young woman

Day 458 neighbors from hell

I belatedly realize that today is Kalayaan or Independence Day. We spent the day moving out to a new place and when I finally climbed onto my new bed, my achy leaden legs almost couldn’t walk me through the few steps into my new bedroom. Today’s the culmination of three crazy months of acting on […]

Day 457 “do I really settle down here?”

This is the question posed in Episode 31 of Onulun, a YouTube vlog run by Choi Byul a producer in South Korea. In April 2020, at the height of lockdown here, she’d uprooted herself from Seoul for the village of Gimje 200km away. While looking around for a place to stay, she instantly fell in […]

Day 450 feed the mind

I’ve said this in previous posts and I’m repeating it again now, for the reason that it remains a hard fact for me to swallow. Reading and books is not a thing in the countryside. I’d never imagine a place to be deprived of books and so the moment I made this discovery three years […]

Day 447 the first day of forever

The choices we make determine our future. We’re halfway through the year, and it looks like the WHO is quite happy to let its Covid-19 pandemic warning chill in there until forever. Another world health assembly came and went and still the WHO hasn’t a definite plan to present to world how it will help […]

Day 445 catching up with life in adult colors

Life is kind. In our second childhood, we’re given a second shot at things we never did or missed doing growing up. But the gift has also a flip side in that even as there’s this second chance, let’s face it, the mind and body aren’t anymore as young. Now, there’s that extra precaution lest […]

Day 444 tidying up a little a day

What did Marie Kondo say? Make tidying a special event not a daily chore. So in this weekend’s special event of organizing several months of accumulated paper, I used candy-colored organizers. These are stuff I don’t use on a daily basis which following Kondo’s advice kind of tricks my brain into not thinking that the […]

Day 443 BTS for breakfast

I’ll have what you’re having. At the moment, my eldest daughter is into BTS. In the spirit of getting to know what sails her boat, OK, I’ll have that too but mine’s with a healthy dollop of chia, and breakfast is good to go!

Day 421 running for happy

Today, I logged a total of 6,756 in combined running and walking steps. In January, when community quarantine has eased to its least stringent – ‘modified general community quarantine (MGCQ)’ – one of the first things I did was don back my running shoes. On afternoons, on the dot, I promptly walk away from my […]

Day 416 Labor Day binge watch: Traffik

I was looking for respite from a very stressful work situation that’s compounded by this continuing artificial constraint on human communication. Thinking back on that pronouncement in February, it’s incredulous how abruptly WHO by merely snapping its fingers has redirected and changed lives and communities on a global scale. For people to speak to each […]

Day 410 weekend read: The Girl You Left Behind

How do the “weaker sex” cope in times of crises? How did women survive the first world war? In Jojo Moyes’ The Girl You Left Behind, the woman is Sophie of St. PĂ©ronne in the Somme valley in France during German occupation in the first world war. Her story, Moyes wrote, was inspired by “events” […]

Day 407 the pantry drama continues

I read somewhere that geography is a factor in a nation’s productivity; that nations nearer the equator have a harder time upping their productivity levels relative to nations farther off this dividing line. This you could say is a less confrontational perspective to the sociopolitical and economic divide between East which gets to have relatively […]

Day 402 the real bayanihan

In Metro Manila recently, following reinstatement of ‘enhanced community quarantine’ (ECQ) the highest level of community quarantine, community pantries have started to sprout first in barangay Maginhawa in Quezon City. With roighly 3M people, it’s the most populous city in the metropolitan. The initiative began organically by a young woman, Ana Patricia Non, who installed […]

Day 400 violators

Today’s latest on arrest of citizens for supposedly violating Covid-19 community quarantine rules involved a radio reporter in the national government media outfit Philippines Broadcasting Service. He was reportedly flagged down while on his motorcycle and was cited for not wearing a mask. In defense, he explained that his mask was being blown away while […]

Day 393 prejudice

Stumbled upon this Youtube video of young foreign exchange students in the United States in 1958. They were responding to prejudices they have of foreigners, practically of each other, and surprisingly, the replies of the student from the Philippines about Chinese and Indian immigrants resonate today. Seeing how these students in the 50s talk about […]

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