COVID-19 Luzon lockdown journal

Day 285 imma ___ in ___

The pandemic gave birth to a lot of names. Like, LSI which stands for locally stranded individuals. As what the name suggests, they are persons and in many cases families that for various reasons continue to be outside of their home towns. One reason is the continuing shutdown of public transport across regions. Another is […]

Day 284 home is where you swear in

At my former employer, the head of office would sometimes come by our wing – that would be program, research, and evaluation – to chat before he’d call it a day. During one of these visits, he asked what language we swore in. Why?, we asked, laughing. Because, he said, it would tell me where […]

Day 283 Christmas Prayer for Ending Poverty

God, help us to end poverty in our time. The poverty of having a child with too little to eat and no place to sleep, no air, sunlight and space to breathe, bask and grow. The poverty of watching your child suffer and get sicker and sicker and not knowing what to do or how […]

Day 282 Christmas

And it’s Christmas! We’ve sent out gifts to people in our neighborhood who have helped us one way or the other throughout this pandemic. Then lunch with our landlady and landlord. As I write this, I hear the church choir next door preparing for their annual Christmas Eve concert providing an unexpected live music to […]

On personal health

Health, according to the World Health Organization, doesn’t just pertain to the physical state but the whole make-up of the individual, that is, mental, emotional, physiological, etc. Basing on this framework, disease as for instance cancer cannot be attributed to a single cause as for example, food, but rather to the complex interaction of things […]

Day 234 remembering Albay: first zipline adventure

Docking at Albay Gulf in Legazpi City, my companion immediately noticed the zipline on the harbor. We had just come from conducting evaluation activities with project beneficiaries on Rapu-Rapu Island where we’d been going to and fro this week (we decided it was best that we didn’t stay on the island taking into account of […]

Day 221 bagtit

In my opinion, the response of Miss Baguio in the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 preliminaries held in historic Baguio Country Club was on point with the times. The question was “what is that one beautiful word in your local language?” “Bagtit”, she said. “I think, in life we need to not be serious all the […]

Day 205 haircut

I finally had my pandemic hair trimmed. Lockdown saw my hair grow to the middle of my back and now that rules in going out have been eased a bit I decided that I’m not going to carry around this remnant of a dreadful quarantine into the new year. I had to go into the […]